ERCC provides housing opportunities and fair housing awareness/education and counseling, mainlytothe traditionally underserved through a market-based, client-sensitive delivery system. Homebuyer education and housing counseling are the central efforts of the program.

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Pre-Purchase Counseling

This process begins with a one-on-one education class covering the home buying process in an overview fashion. Individual counseling sessions are available at the initial counseling appointment. Our certified counselors will assist you in completing the necessary consent forms in order to review your credit and income information to assess your readiness as a prospective homebuyer.
Learn more about our first-time homebuyer's education workshop HERE

Post-Purchase Counseling

ERCC Counseling Services will provide clients with the necessary post purchase/post occupancy counseling to educate the buyer on maintaining the property and the mortgage payments in a timely manner. Clients will also be educated on unwanted solicitations after closing and how to determine which services are worth considering and which services should be rejected.

Foreclosure Prevention

(Mortgage Delinquency/Mortgage Default)
In believing that a home is essential in building stronger communities, ERCC has designed this program to curb the growth of the foreclosure crisis, stabilize home values, and strengthen our communities. If you are in danger of immediate foreclosure, please visit our office or gives us a call so you can speak with a counselor who will help you assess your current situation and map out a solution.

Loss Mitigation | Rent Delinquency

ERCC Counseling Services will provide clients with the necessary post-purchase/mortgage defaults & rent delinquency counseling in order to educate the client on how to maintain the property and client’s option in a mortgage default or rent delinquency situation.

ERCC certified counselors will work with lenders and landlords advocating on behalf of homeowners to handle the process of negotiating mortgage terms for the homeowners that will address the successful resolution of mortgage default and rent delinquencies.

Rental Counseling | Landlord Training

Whether you are a first-time landlord or have years of experience, we can teach you to effectively deal with landlord and tenant issues through the ERCC comprehensive rental counseling workshop.

Learn how to screen tenants, keep accurate records, understand Fair Housing laws, determine what constitutes normal wear and tear of property, handle security deposits and how to navigate the eviction process.

Credit Analysis

ERCC offers a free credit analysis.  ERCC certified counselors will obtain a copy of the client’s credit report and an analysis will be done to access the client’s recent credit worthiness and also to ensure that inaccurate information is not included in credit report.

The certified counselor will advise and assist client with the necessary steps to be taken to help correct any derogatory information on the client’s credit report in order to help the client achieve the home buying process.

Financial Literacy | Life Skills (Youth & Adult)

The Financial Literacy Experience includes ways to educate young people on the value of saving, strategies for managing personal finances, and healthy credit practices. We partner with local high schools and colleges to create a memorable learning experience for these future leaders of industry. Certified housing counselors will conduct an overview of the client’s current monthly income and monthly expenditures to understand the client’s position and will help client create a new household budget geared at achieving the client’s goal and objectives.

We teach the benefits of learning to live within or beneath your means and the practical steps to put this in action.  Your learning experience promises to be interactive in a friendly and lively environment with games and activities to reinforce the principles of this workshop.

Home Improvement | Rehabilitation

ERCC Counseling Services will provide counseling in home improvement and rehabilitation in order to assess and advise the client if the step taken is advisable after evaluating the client’s present situation with such actions.

Displacement | Relocation

ERCC Counseling Services will provide counseling on the displacement and relocation of individuals. Clients will be evaluated as to eligibility and needs and necessary steps will be taken to make sure the correct actions are implemented, in order to satisfy the client’s needs.

Marketing | Outreach Initiatives

ERCC Counseling Services will create and implement a marketing and outreach plan in order to achieve success for the organization’s goals and objectives. Marketing media channels will include radio, newspapers, website, and flyer advertising. Outreach initiatives will include alliances with churches, organizations, schools, mortgage companies, banks, attorneys and government entities.